Isaiah 42:1-9 NIRV

The LORD's Chosen Servant

1 "Here is my servant. I take good care of him. I have chosen him. I am very pleased with him. I will put my Spirit on him. He will make everything right among the nations.

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      2 He will not shout or cry out. He will not raise his voice in the streets.
      3 He will not break a bent twig. He will not put out a dimly burning flame. He will be faithful and make everything right.
      4 He will not grow weak or lose hope. He will not give up until he makes everything right on the earth. The islands will put their hope in his law."
      5 God created the heavens and spread them out. The LORD made the earth and everything that grows on it. He gives breath to its people. He gives life to those who walk on it. He says to his servant,
      6 "I, the LORD, have chosen you to do what is right. I will take hold of your hand. I will keep you safe. You will put my covenant with the people of Israel into effect. And you will be a light for the other nations.
      7 You will open eyes that can't see. You will set prisoners free. Those who sit in darkness will come out of their cells.
      8 "I am the Lord. That is my name! I will not let any other god share my glory. I will not let statues of gods share my praise.
      9 What I said would happen has taken place. Now I announce new things to you. Before they even begin to happen, I announce them to you."