Isaiah 63:1-6 NIRV

God Will Save His People and Punish Their Enemies

1 Who is this man coming from the city of Bozrah in Edom? His clothes are stained bright red. Who is he? He is dressed up in all of his glory. He is marching toward us with great strength. The LORD answers, "It is I. I have won the battle. I am mighty. I have saved my people."

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      2 Why are your clothes red? They look as if you have been stomping on grapes in a winepress.
      3 The LORD answers, "I have been stomping on the nations as if they were grapes. No one was there to help me. I walked all over the nations because I was angry. That is why I stomped on them. Their blood splashed all over my clothes. So my clothes were stained bright red.
      4 I decided it was time to pay Israel's enemies back. The year for me to set my people free had come.
      5 I looked around, but no one was there to help me. I was shocked that no one gave me any help. So I used my own powerful arm to save my people. I had the strength to do it because I was angry.
      6 I walked all over the nations because I was angry with them. I made them drink from the cup of my burning anger. I poured their blood out on the ground."