Psalm 7:1-6 NIRV

A "shiggaion" of David. He sang it to the LORD about Cush, who was from the tribe of Benjamin.

1 LORD my God, I go to you for safety. Help me. Save me from all those who are chasing me.

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      2 If you don't, they will tear me apart as if they were lions. They will rip me to pieces so that no one can save me.
      3 LORD my God, suppose I have done something wrong. Suppose I am guilty.
      4 I have done evil to my friend. Or I have robbed my enemy without any reason.
      5 If I have done any of those things, let my enemy chase me and catch me. Let him walk all over me. Let him bury me in the dust. "Selah"
      6 Lord, rise up in your anger. Rise up against the great anger of my enemies. My God, wake up. Command that the right thing be done.