1 Samuel 3:5-15 NLT

5 He jumped up and ran to Eli. "Here I am. What do you need?" "I didn't call you," Eli replied. "Go on back to bed." So he did.
6 Then the LORD called out again, "Samuel!" Again Samuel jumped up and ran to Eli. "Here I am," he said. "What do you need?" "I didn't call you, my son," Eli said. "Go on back to bed."
7 Samuel did not yet know the LORD because he had never had a message from the LORD before.
8 So now the LORD called a third time, and once more Samuel jumped up and ran to Eli. "Here I am," he said. "What do you need?" Then Eli realized it was the LORD who was calling the boy.
9 So he said to Samuel, "Go and lie down again, and if someone calls again, say, 'Yes, LORD, your servant is listening.'" So Samuel went back to bed.
10 And the LORD came and called as before, "Samuel! Samuel!"And Samuel replied, "Yes, your servant is listening."
11 Then the LORD said to Samuel, "I am about to do a shocking thing in Israel.
12 I am going to carry out all my threats against Eli and his family.
13 I have warned him continually that judgment is coming for his family, because his sons are blaspheming God a and he hasn't disciplined them.

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    • t 3:13 - As in Greek version; Hebrew reads <I>his sons have made themselves contemptible.</I>
      14 So I have vowed that the sins of Eli and his sons will never be forgiven by sacrifices or offerings."
      15 Samuel stayed in bed until morning, then got up and opened the doors of the Tabernacle b as usual. He was afraid to tell Eli what the LORD had said to him.

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        • u 3:15 - Hebrew <I>the house of the L<MIS>ORD<I>.</I>