2 Kings 8:20-22 NLT

20 During Jehoram's reign, the Edomites revolted against Judah and crowned their own king.
21 So Jehoram a went with all his chariots to attack the town of Zair. b The Edomites surrounded him and his charioteers, but he escaped at night under cover of darkness. Jehoram's army, however, deserted him and fled.

References for 2 Kings 8:21

    • w 8:21 - Hebrew <I>Joram,</I> a variant name for Jehoram; also in 8:23, 24.
    • x 8:21 - Greek version reads <I>Seir.</I>
      22 Edom has been independent from Judah to this day. The town of Libnah revolted about that same time.