Exodus 27:4-14 NLT

4 Make a bronze grating, with a metal ring at each corner.
5 Fit the grating halfway down into the firebox, resting it on the ledge built there.
6 For moving the altar, make poles from acacia wood, and overlay them with bronze.
7 To carry it, put the poles into the rings at two sides of the altar.
8 The altar must be hollow, made from planks. Be careful to build it just as you were shown on the mountain."
9 "Then make a courtyard for the Tabernacle, enclosed with curtains made from fine linen. On the south side the curtains will stretch for 150 feet.
10 They will be held up by twenty bronze posts that fit into twenty bronze bases. The curtains will be held up with silver hooks attached to the silver rods that are attached to the posts.
11 It will be the same on the north side of the courtyard -- 150 feet of curtains held up by twenty posts fitted into bronze bases, with silver hooks and rods.
12 The curtains on the west end of the courtyard will be 75 feet long, supported by ten posts set into ten bases.
13 The east end will also be 75 feet long.
14 The courtyard entrance will be on the east end, flanked by two curtains. The curtain on the right side will be 22 1/2 feet long, supported by three posts set into three bases.