Genesis 9:24-29 NLT

24 When Noah woke up from his drunken stupor, he learned what Ham, his youngest son, had done.
25 Then he cursed the descendants of Canaan, the son of Ham: "A curse on the Canaanites! May they be the lowest of servants to the descendants of Shem and Japheth."
26 Then Noah said, "May Shem be blessed by the LORD my God; and may Canaan be his servant.
27 May God enlarge the territory of Japheth, and may he share the prosperity of Shem; a and let Canaan be his servant."

References for Genesis 9:27

    •  9:27 - Hebrew <I>may he live in the tents of Shem.</I>
      28 Noah lived another 350 years after the Flood.
      29 He was 950 years old when he died.