Jeremiah 17:12-18 NLT

12 But we worship at your throne -- eternal, high, and glorious!
13 O LORD, the hope of Israel, all who turn away from you will be disgraced and shamed. They will be buried in a dry and dusty grave, for they have forsaken the LORD, the fountain of living water.
14 O LORD, you alone can heal me; you alone can save. My praises are for you alone!
15 People scoff at me and say, "What is this 'message from the LORD' you keep talking about? Why don't your predictions come true?"
16 LORD, I have not abandoned my job as a shepherd for your people. I have not urged you to send disaster. It is your message I have given them, not my own.
17 LORD, do not desert me now! You alone are my hope in the day of disaster.
18 Bring shame and terror on all who persecute me, but give me peace. Yes, bring double destruction upon them!