1 Alas for those who devise wickedness and evil deeds on their beds! When the morning dawns, they perform it, because it is in their power.

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    • a 2:1 - Cn: Heb [work evil]
      2 They covet fields, and seize them; houses, and take them away; they oppress householder and house, people and their inheritance.
      3 Therefore thus says the Lord: Now, I am devising against this family an evil from which you cannot remove your necks; and you shall not walk haughtily, for it will be an evil time.
      4 On that day they shall take up a taunt song against you, and wail with bitter lamentation, and say, "We are utterly ruined; the Lord alters the inheritance of my people; how he removes it from me! Among our captors he parcels out our fields."

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        • b 2:4 - Heb [he]
        • c 2:4 - Cn: Heb [the rebellious]
          5 Therefore you will have no one to cast the line by lot in the assembly of the Lord.