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Compare Translations for Psalm 132:1

Psalm 132:1 ASV
Jehovah, remember for David All his affliction;
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Psalm 132:1 CEB
LORD, remember David— all the ways he suffered
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Psalm 132:1 CJB
A song of ascents: ADONAI, remember in David's favor all the hardships he endured,
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Psalm 132:1 RHE
(131-1) <A gradual canticle.> O Lord, remember David, and all his meekness.
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Psalm 132:1 ESV
Remember, O LORD, in David's favor, all the hardships he endured,
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Psalm 132:1 GW
O LORD, remember David and all the hardships he endured.
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Psalm 132:1 GNT
Lord, do not forget David and all the hardships he endured.
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Psalm 132:1 CSB
Lord, remember David and all the hardships he endured,
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Psalm 132:1 KJV
A Song of degrees. LORD, remember David, and all his afflictions :
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Psalm 132:1 LEB
O Yahweh, remember with regard to David all his affliction.
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Psalm 132:1 NAS
Remember, O LORD , on David's behalf, All his affliction;
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Psalm 132:1 NCV
Lord, remember David and all his suffering.
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Psalm 132:1 NIRV
Lord, remember David and all of the hard times he went through.
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Psalm 132:1 NIV
O LORD, remember David and all the hardships he endured.
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Psalm 132:1 NKJV
A Song of Ascents. Lord, remember David And all his afflictions;
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Psalm 132:1 NLT
A song for the ascent to Jerusalem. LORD, remember David and all that he suffered.
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Psalm 132:1 NRS
O Lord, remember in David's favor all the hardships he endured;
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Psalm 132:1 RSV
A Song of Ascents. Remember, O LORD, in David's favor, all the hardships he endured;
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Psalm 132:1 DBY
{A Song of degrees.} Jehovah, remember for David all his affliction;
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Psalm 132:1 MSG
O God, remember David, remember all his troubles!
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Psalm 132:1 WBT
A Song of degrees. LORD, remember David [and] all his afflictions;
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Psalm 132:1 WYC
The song of degrees. Lord, have thou mind on David; and of all his mildness. (Lord, remember David; and all his troubles and tribulations.)
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Psalm 132:1 YLT
A Song of the Ascents. Remember, Jehovah, for David, all his afflictions.
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Psalms 132 Commentary - Matthew Henry Commentary on the Whole Bible (Concise)

Chapter 132

David's care for the ark. (1-10) The promises of God. (11-18)

Verses 1-10 David bound himself to find a place for the Lord, for the ark, the token of God's presence. When work is to be done for the Lord, it is good to tie ourselves to a time. It is good in the morning to fix upon work for the day, with submission to Providence, for we know not what a day may bring forth. And we should first, and without delay, seek to have our own hearts made a habitation of God through the Spirit. He prays that God would take up his dwelling in the habitation he had built; that he would give grace to the ministers of the sanctuary to do their duty. David pleads that he was the anointed of the Lord, and this he pleads as a type of Christ, the great Anointed. We have no merit of our own to plead; but, for His sake, in whom there is a fulness of merit, let us find favour. And every true believer in Christ, is an anointed one, and has received from the Holy One the oil of true grace. The request is, that God would not turn away, but hear and answer their petitions for his Son's sake.

Verses 11-18 The Lord never turns from us when we plead the covenant with his anointed Prophet, Priest, and King. How vast is the love of God to man, that he should speak thus concerning his church! It is his desire to dwell with us; yet how little do we desire to dwell with him! He abode in Zion till the sins of Israel caused him to give them up to the spoilers. Forsake us not, O God, and deliver us not in like manner, sinful though we are. God's people have a special blessing on common enjoyments, and that blessing puts peculiar sweetness into them. Zion's poor have reason to be content with a little of this world, because they have better things prepared for them. God will abundantly bless the nourishment of the new man, and satisfy the poor in spirit with the bread of life. He gives more than we ask, and when he gives salvation, he will give abundant joy. God would bring to nothing every design formed to destroy the house of David, until King Messiah should arise out of it, to sit upon the throne of his Father. In him all the promises centre. His enemies, who will not have him to reign over them, shall at the last day be clothed with shame and confusion for ever.

Psalms 132 Commentary - Commentary Critical and Explanatory on the Whole Bible


Psalms 132:1-18 . The writer, perhaps Solomon (compare Psalms 132:8 Psalms 132:9 ), after relating David's pious zeal for God's service, pleads for the fulfilment of the promise ( 2 Samuel 7:16 ), which, providing for a perpetuation of David's kingdom, involved that of God's right worship and the establishment of the greater and spiritual kingdom of David's greater Son. Of Him and His kingdom both the temple and its worship, and the kings and kingdom of Judah, were types. The congruity of such a topic with the tenor of this series of Psalms is obvious.

1-5. This vow is not elsewhere recorded. It expresses, in strong language, David's intense desire to see the establishment of God's worship as well as of His kingdom.
remember David--literally, "remember for David," that is, all his troubles and anxieties on the matter.

5. habitation--literally, "dwellings," generally used to denote the sanctuary.

6. These may be the "words of David" and his pious friends, who,
at Ephratah--or Beth-lehem ( Genesis 48:7 ), where he once lived, may have heard of the ark, which he found for the first time
in the fields of the wood--or, Jair, or Kirjath-jearim ("City of woods") ( 1 Samuel 7:1 , 2 Samuel 6:3 2 Samuel 6:4 ), whence it was brought to Zion.

7. The purpose of engaging in God's worship is avowed.

8, 9. The solemn entry of the ark, symbolical of God's presence and power, with the attending priests, into the sanctuary, is proclaimed in the words used by Solomon ( 2 Chronicles 6:41 ).

10-12. For thy servant David's sake--that is, On account of the promise made to him.
turn . . . anointed--Repulse not him who, as David's descendant, pleads the promise to perpetuate his royal line. After reciting the promise, substantially from 2 Samuel 7:12-16 (compare Acts 2:30 , &c.), an additional plea,

13. is made on the ground of God's choice of Zion (here used for Jerusalem) as His dwelling, inasmuch as the prosperity of the kingdom was connected with that of the Church ( Psalms 122:8 Psalms 122:9 ).

14-18. That choice is expressed in God's words, "I will sit" or "dwell," or sit enthroned The joy of the people springs from the blessings of His grace, conferred through the medium of the priesthood.

17. make the horn . . . to bud--enlarge his power.
a lamp--the figure of prosperity ( Psalms 18:10 Psalms 18:28 , 89:17 ). With the confounding of his enemies is united his prosperity and the unceasing splendor of his crown.