Psalm 16:1-7 RHE

1 (15-1) <The inscription of a title to David himself.> Preserve me, O Lord, for I have put my trust in thee.
2 (15-2) I have said to the Lord, thou art my God, for thou hast no need of my goods.
3 (15-3) To the saints, who are in his land, he hath made wonderful all my desires in them.
4 (15-4) Their infirmities were multiplied: afterwards they made haste. I will not gather together their meetings for blood offerings: nor will I be mindful of their names by my lips.
5 (15-5) The Lord is the portion of my inheritance and of my cup: it is thou that wilt restore my inheritance to me.
6 (15-6) The lines are fallen unto me in goodly places: for my inheritance is goodly to me.
7 (15-7) I will bless the Lord, who hath given me understanding: moreover, my reins also have corrected me even till night.