Jeremiah 51:36-46 RSV

36 Therefore thus says the LORD: "Behold, I will plead your cause and take vengeance for you. I will dry up her sea and make her fountain dry;
37 and Babylon shall become a heap of ruins, the haunt of jackals, a horror and a hissing, without inhabitant.
38 "They shall roar together like lions; they shall growl like lions' whelps.
39 While they are inflamed I will prepare them a feast and make them drunk, till they swoon away and sleep a perpetual sleep and not wake, says the LORD.
40 I will bring them down like lambs to the slaughter, like rams and he-goats.
41 "How Babylon is taken, the praise of the whole earth seized! How Babylon has become a horror among the nations!
42 The sea has come up on Babylon; she is covered with its tumultuous waves.
43 Her cities have become a horror, a land of drought and a desert, a land in which no one dwells, and through which no son of man passes.
44 And I will punish Bel in Babylon, and take out of his mouth what he has swallowed. The nations shall no longer flow to him; the wall of Babylon has fallen.
45 "Go out of the midst of her, my people! Let every man save his life from the fierce anger of the LORD!
46 Let not your heart faint, and be not fearful at the report heard in the land, when a report comes in one year and afterward a report in another year, and violence is in the land, and ruler is against ruler.