Nehemiah 12:1-9 RSV

1 These are the priests and the Levites who came up with Zerub'babel the son of She-al'ti-el, and Jeshua: Serai'ah, Jeremiah, Ezra,
2 Amari'ah, Malluch, Hattush,
3 Shecani'ah, Rehum, Mer'emoth,
4 Iddo, Gin'nethoi, Abi'jah,
5 Mi'jamin, Ma-adi'ah, Bilgah,
6 Shemai'ah, Joi'arib, Jedai'ah,
7 Sallu, Amok, Hilki'ah, Jedai'ah. These were the chiefs of the priests and of their brethren in the days of Jeshua.
8 And the Levites: Jeshua, Bin'nui, Kad'mi-el, Sherebi'ah, Judah, and Mattani'ah, who with his brethren was in charge of the songs of thanksgiving.
9 And Bakbuki'ah and Unno their brethren stood opposite them in the service.