Numbers 2:27-34 RSV

27 And those to encamp next to him shall be the tribe of Asher, the leader of the people of Asher being Pa'giel the son of Ochran,
28 his host as numbered being forty-one thousand five hundred.
29 Then the tribe of Naph'tali, the leader of the people of Naph'tali being Ahi'ra the son of Enan,
30 his host as numbered being fifty-three thousand four hundred.
31 The whole number of the camp of Dan is a hundred and fifty-seven thousand six hundred. They shall set out last, standard by standard."
32 These are the people of Israel as numbered by their fathers' houses; all in the camps who were numbered by their companies were six hundred and three thousand five hundred and fifty.
33 But the Levites were not numbered among the people of Israel, as the LORD commanded Moses.
34 Thus did the people of Israel. According to all that the LORD commanded Moses, so they encamped by their standards, and so they set out, every one in his family, according to his fathers' house.