1 Corinthians 15:45-55 TYN

45 as it is written: the fyrste man Adam was made a livinge soule: and ye last Ada was made a quickeninge sprete.
46 How be it yt is not fyrst which is spirituall: but yt which is naturall and then yt which is spretuall.
47 The fyrst ma is of the erth erthy: the seconde man is ye Lorde fro heave.
48 As is the erthy soche are they that are erthye. And as is the hevely soche are they yt are hevenly.
49 And as we have borne the ymage of the erthy so shall we beare the ymage of the hevenly.
50 This saye I brethren that flesshe and bloud canot inheret the kyngdome of God. Nether corrupcion inhereth vncorrupcion.
51 Beholde I shewe you a mystery. We shall not all slepe: but we shall all be chaunged
52 and that in a moment and in the twinclinge of an eye at the sounde of the last trompe. For the trompe shall blowe and ye deed shall ryse incorruptible and we shalbe chaunged.
53 For this corruptible must put on incorruptibilite: and this mortall must put on immortalite.
54 When this corruptible hath put on incorruptibilite and this mortall hath put on immortalite: then shalbe brought to passe ye sayinge yt is writte. Deeth is consumed in to victory.
55 Deeth where is thy stynge? Hell where is thy victory?