2 Peter 1:3-11 TYN

3 Accordinge as his godly power hath geven vnto vs all thinges that pertayne vnto lyfe and godlynes thorow the knowledge of him that hath called vs by vertue and glory
4 by the meanes whereof are geven vnto vs excellent and moste greate promises that by the helpe of them ye shuld be partakers of the godly nature in that ye flye the corrupcion of worldy lust.
5 And hervnto geve all diligence: in youre fayth minister vertve and in vertue knowledge
6 and in knowledge temperancy and in temrancy pacience in pacience godlynes
7 in godlynes brotherly kyndnes in brotherly kyndnes love.
8 For yf these thinges be amonge you and are plenteous they wyll make you that ye nether shalbe ydle nor vnfrutefull in the knowledge of oure lorde Iesus Christ.
9 But he yt lacketh these thynges is blynde and gropeth for ye waye with his honde and hath forgotten yt he was pourged from his olde synnes.
10 Wherfore brethren geve the moare diligence forto make youre callynge and eleccion sure. For yf ye do soche thynges ye shall never erre.
11 Ye and by this meanes an entrynge in shall be ministred vnto you aboundantly in to the everlastynge kyngdome of oure lorde and saveoure Iesus Christ.