Ephesians 5:6-16 TYN

6 Let no ma deceave you with vayne wordes. For thorow soche thinges cometh the wrath of God vpon the chyldre of vnbelefe.
7 Be not therfore companions with them.
8 Ye were once dercknes but are now light in the Lorde. Walke as chyldren of light.
9 For the frute of the sprete is in all goodnes rightewesnes and trueth.
10 Accept that which is pleasinge to the Lorde:
11 and have no fellishippe with the vnfrutfull workes of dercknes: but rather rebuke them.
12 For it is shame even to name those thinges which are done of them in secrete:
13 but all thinges when they are rebuked of the light are manifest. For whatsoever is manifest that same is light.
14 Wherfore he sayth: awake thou that slepest and stond vp from deeth and Christ shall geve the light.
15 Take hede therfore that ye walke circuspectly: not as foles: but as wyse
16 redemynge the tyme: for ye dayes are evyll.