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Genesis 34:1-6 (Tyndale)

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1 Dina the doughter of Lea which she bare vnto Iacob went out to see the doughters of the lande. 2 And Siche the sonne of Hemor the Heuite lorde of the countre sawe her and toke her and laye with her and forced her: 3 and his harte laye vnto Dina ye doughter of Iacob. And he loued yt damsell and spake kidly vnto her 4 and spake vnto his father Hemor saynge gett me this mayde vnto my wyfe. 5 And Iacob herde that he had defyled Dina his doughter but his sonnes were with the catell in the felde and therfore he helde his peace vntill they were come. 6 Then Hemor the father of Sichem went out vnto Iacob to come with him.
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