Genesis 7:1-7 TYN

1 And the LORde sayd vnto Noe: goo in to the arcke both thou and all thy houssold. For the haue I sene rightuous before me in thys generacion.
2 Of all clene beastes take vnto the .vij. of every kynde the male and hys female And of vnclene beastes a payre the male and hys female:
3 lykewyse of the byrdes of the ayre vij. of every kynde male and female to save seed vppon all the erth.
4 For .vij. dayes hence wyll I send rayne vppo the erth .xl. dayes and .xl. nyghtes and wyll dystroy all maner of thynges that I haue made from of the face of the erth..
5 And Noe dyd acordynge to all yt the lorde comaunded hym:
6 and Noe was .vi. hundred yere olde when the floud of water came vppon the erth:
7 and Noe went and his sonnes and his wyfe and his sonnes wyves wyth hym in to the arke from the waters of the floud.