18 Yf ye worlde hate you ye knowe that he hated me before he hated you.
19 Yf ye were of the worlde ye worlde wolde love his awne. How be it because ye are not of ye worlde but I have chosen you out of the worlde therfore hateth you the worlde.
20 Remember the sayinge that I sayde vnto you: the servaute is not greater then his lorde. Yf they have persecuted me so will they persecute you Yf they have kept my sayinge so will they kepe youres.
21 But all these thinges will they do vnto you for my names sake because they have not knowen him that sent me.
22 If I had not come and spoken vnto them they shulde not have had synne: but now have they nothinge to cloke their synne with all.
23 He that hateth me hateth my father.
24 If I had not done workes amoge the which none other ma dyd they had not had synne. But now have they sene and yet have hated bothe me and my father:
25 eve that the sayinge myght be fulfilled that is written in theyr lawe: they hated me wtout a cause.