20 And all foules that crepe ad goo apo all iiij. shalbe an abhominacion vnto you.
21 Yet these maye ye eate of all the foules that moue and goo apon .iiij. fete: euen those that haue no knees aboue vppon their fete to lepe with all apon the erthe,
22 euen these of them ye maye eate: the arbe and all his kynde: the Soleam with all his kynde: the Hargol and all the kynde, ad the Hagab ad all his kynd.
23 Al other foules that moue ad haue .iiij. fete, shalbe abhominacion vnto you.
24 In soch ye shalbe vnclene whosoeuer touch the carkesse of the shalbe vnclene vnto the euen,
25 ad whosoeuer bereth the carkesse of the, shal wash his clothes ad shalbe vnclene vntyll euen.
26 Amonge all maner beestes, they that haue hoffes and deuyde them not in to two clawes or that chewe not the cud, shalbe vnclene vnto you: and all that twicheth them shalbe vnclene.
27 And all that goeth apon his handes amonge all maner beestes that goo on all foure, are vnclene vnto you: and as many as twych their carkesses, shalbe vnclene vntyll the euen.
28 And he that beareth the carkesse of them, shall wasshe his clothes ad be vnclene vntyll the euen for soch are vnclene vnto you.
29 And these are also unclene to you amonge the thinges that crepe apon the erth: the wesell the mouse, the tode and all his kynde,
30 the hedgehogge, stellio, the licerte, the snayle and the moule.