Luke 13:1-6 TYN

1 Ther were present at the same season that shewed him of ye Galileas whose bloude Pylate mengled with their awne sacrifice.
2 And Iesus answered and sayde vnto them: Suppose ye that these Galileans were greater synners then all the other Galileas because they suffred suche punisshmet?
3 I tell you naye: but except ye repent ye shall all in lyke wyse perysshe.
4 Or those .xviii. apon which ye toure in Syloe fell and slewe the thinke ye that they were synners above all men yt dwell in Ierusalem?
5 I tell you naye: But excepte ye repent ye all shall lykewyse perisshe.
6 He put forthe this similiiude A certayne man had a fygge tree planted in his veneyarde and he came and sought frute theron and founde none.