Luke 20:22-32 TYN

22 Ys it laufull for vs to geve Cesar tribute or no?
23 He perceaved their craftynes and sayde vnto them: why tept ye me?
24 Shewe me a peny. Whose ymage and superscripcio hath it? They answered and sayde: Cesars.
25 And he sayde vnto them: Geve then vnto Cesar that which belongeth vnto Cesar: and to God that which pertayneth to God.
26 And they coulde not reprove his sayinge before the people. But they marvayled at his answer and helde their peace.
27 Then came to him certayne of the Saduces which denye that ther is eny resurreccio. And they axed him
28 sayinge: Master Moses wrote vnto vs if eny mannes brother dye havinge a wyfe and the same dye with out yssue: that then his brother shuld take his wyfe and reyse vp seede vnto his brother.
29 Ther were seven brethren and the fyrste toke a wyfe and dyed with out children.
30 And the seconde toke the wyfe and he dyed chyldlesse.
31 And the thyrde toke her and in lyke wyse the resydue of the seven and leeft no chyldren be hynde them and dyed.
32 Last of all the woma dyed also.