Matthew 22:18-28 TYN

18 Iesus perceaved their wikednes and sayde: Why tempte ye me ye ypocrites?
19 Let me se ye tribute money. And they toke hym a peny.
20 And he sayde vnto them: whose is this ymage and superscripcion?
21 They sayde vnto him: Cesars. Then sayde he vnto them. Geve therfore to Cesar that which is Cesars: and geve vnto god that which is goddes.
22 When they hearde that they marveled and lefte hym and went there waye.
23 The same daye the Saduces came to him (which saye that there is no resurrcecion) and axed him
24 sayinge: Master Moses bade yf a man dye havinge no chyldre that the brother mary his wyfe and reyse vp seed vnto his brother.
25 Ther were wt vs seven brethre and the fyrste maried and deceased wt oute yssue and lefte his wyfe vnto his brother.
26 Lykewise the seconde and ye thryd vnto the sevethe.
27 Laste of all the woman dyed also.
28 Now in the resurreccion whose wyfe shall she be of the seven? For all had her.