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Philippians 1:15-25 (Tyndale)

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15 Some ther are which preache Christ of envie and stryfe and some of good wyll. 16 The one parte preacheth Christ of stryfe and not purely supposinge to adde more adversitie to my bondes. 17 The other parte of love because they se that I am set to defend the gospell. 18 What then? So that Christ be preached all maner wayes whether it be by occasion or of true meaninge I therin ioye: ye and will ioye. 19 For I knowe that this shall chaunce to my salvacion thorow youre prayer and ministringe of the sprete of Iesu Christ 20 as I hertely loke for and hope that in nothinge I shalbe ashamed: but that with all confidence as all wayes in tymes past even so now Christ shalbe magnified in my body whether it be thorowe lyfe or els deeth. 21 For Christ is to me lyfe and deeth is to me a vauntage. 22 Yf it chaunce me to live in the flesshe that is to me frutefull forto worke and what to chose I wote not. 23 I am constrayned of two thinges: I desyre to be lowsed and to be with Christ which thinge is best of all. 24 Neverthelesse to abyde in the flesshe is moare nedfull for you. 25 And this am I sure of that I shall abyde and with you all continue for the furtheraunce and ioye of youre fayth
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