Proverbs 14:22-32 WEB

22 Don't they go astray who plot evil? But love and faithfulness belong to those who plan good.
23 In all hard work there is profit, But the talk of the lips leads only to poverty.
24 The crown of the wise is their riches, But the folly of fools crowns them with folly.
25 A truthful witness saves souls, But a false witness is deceitful.
26 In the fear of Yahweh is a secure fortress, And he will be a refuge for his children.
27 The fear of Yahweh is a fountain of life, Turning people from the snares of death.
28 In the multitude of people is the king's glory, But in the lack of people is the destruction of the prince.
29 He who is slow to anger has great understanding, But he who has a quick temper displays folly.
30 The life of the body is a heart at peace, But envy rots the bones.
31 He who oppresses the poor shows contempt for his Maker, But he who is kind to the needy honors him.
32 The wicked is brought down in his calamity, But in death, the righteous has a refuge.