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Galatians 3:1-6 (Weymouth New Testament)

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1 You foolish Galatians! Whose sophistry has bewitched you--you to whom Jesus Christ has been vividly portrayed as on the Cross? 2 Answer me this one question, "Is it on the ground of your obedience to the Law that you received the Spirit, or is it because, when you heard, you believed?" 3 Are you so foolish? Having begun by the Spirit, are you now going to reach perfection through what is external? 4 Have you endured such sufferings to no purpose--if indeed it has been to no purpose? 5 He who gives you His Spirit and works miracles among you--does He do so on the ground of your obedience to the Law, or is it the result of your having heard and believed: 6 even as Abraham believed God, and his faith was placed to his account as righteousness?
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