Luke 16:1-6 WNT

1 He said also to His disciples: "There was a rich man who had a steward, about whom a report was brought to him, that he was wasting his property.
2 He called him and said, "`What is this I hear about you? Render an account of your stewardship, for I cannot let you hold it any longer.'
3 "Then the steward said within himself, "`What am I to do? For my master is taking away the stewardship from me. I am not strong enough for field labour: to beg, I should be ashamed.
4 I see what to do, in order that when I am discharged from the stewardship they may give me a home in their own houses.'
5 "So he called all his master's debtors, one by one, and asked the first, `How much are you in debt to my master?'
6 "`A hundred firkins of oil,' he replied. "`Here is your account,' said the steward: `sit down quickly and change it into fifty firkins.'