1 Peter 5:7-14 WYC

7 and cast ye all your busyness into him, for to him is care of you. [ye casting into him all your busyness, for to him is care of you.]
8 Be ye sober, and wake ye, for your adversary, the devil, as a roaring lion goeth about, seeking whom he shall devour.
9 Whom against stand ye, strong in the faith, witting that the same passion is made to that brotherhood of you, that is in the world [witting the same passion to be done to that your brotherhood, that is in the world].
10 And God of all grace, that called you into his everlasting glory, you suffering a little [in Christ Jesus], he shall perform, and shall confirm, and shall make firm [he shall perform, shall confirm, and shall make firm].
11 To him be glory and lordship, into worlds of worlds. Amen.
12 By Silvanus, [a] faithful brother to you as I deem, I wrote shortly; beseeching, and witnessing that this is the very grace of God, in which ye stand.
13 The church that is gathered in Babylon, and Marcus, my son, greeteth you well. [The church that is gathered at Babylon greeteth you well, and Marcus, my son.]
14 Greet ye well together in holy kiss. Grace be to you all that be in Christ. Amen.