Acts 5:27-37 WYC

27 And when they had brought them, they set them in the council; and the prince of priests asked them,
28 and said, In commandment we commanded you [saying, In commanding we commanded you], that ye should not teach in this name, and lo! ye have filled Jerusalem with your teaching, and ye will bring on us the blood of this man.
29 And Peter answered, and the apostles, and said, It behooveth to obey to God, more than to men.
30 [The] God of our fathers raised Jesus, whom ye slew, hanging in a tree.
31 God enhanced with his right hand this prince and Saviour, that penance were given to Israel [for to give penance to Israel], and remission of sins.
32 And we be witnesses of these words, and the Holy Ghost, whom God gave to all obeying to him.
33 When they heard these things, they were tormented, and thought to slay them.
34 But a man rose in the council, a Pharisee, Gamaliel by name, a doctor of the law, an honourable man to all the people [a worshipful man to all the people], and commanded the men to be put withoutforth for a while [to a short time].
35 And he said to them, Ye men of Israel, take attention to yourselves on these men, what ye shall do.
36 For before these days Theudas, that said himself to be some man [For before these days Theudas was, saying himself to be some man], to whom a number of men consented, about four hundred; which was slain, and all that believed to him [and all whoever believed to him], were scattered, and brought to nought.
37 After this, Judas of Galilee was in the days of profession, and turned away the people after him; and all how many ever consented to him, were scattered, and he perished.