Ephesians 6:5-15 WYC

5 Servants, obey ye to fleshly lords with dread and trembling, in simpleness of your heart, as to Christ;
6 not serving at the eye [not serving at eye], as pleasing to men, but as servants of Christ; doing the will of God by discretion,
7 with good will serving as to the Lord, and not as to men [and not to men];
8 witting that each man, whatever good thing he shall do, he shall receive this of the Lord [this he shall receive of the Lord], whether servant, whether free man.
9 And, ye lords, do the same things to them, forgiving menacings [forgiving menaces]; witting that both their Lord and yours is in heavens, and the taking of persons is not with God.
10 Here afterward, brethren, be ye comforted in the Lord, and in the might of his virtue.
11 Clothe you with the armour of God, that ye be able to stand against the ambushings [the ambushings, or assailings,] of the devil.
12 For why striving is not to us against flesh and blood [For striving, or battle, is not to us against flesh and blood], but against [the] princes and potentates, against governors of the world of these darknesses, against spiritual things of wickedness, in heavenly things.
13 Therefore take ye the armour of God, that ye be able to against-stand in the evil day; and in all things stand perfect.
14 Therefore stand ye, and be girded about your loins in soothfastness [Therefore stand ye, girded about your loins in soothfastness], and clothed with the habergeon of rightwiseness,
15 and your feet shod in making ready of the gospel of peace.