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Genesis 21:1-6 (Wycliffe)

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1 Forsooth God visited Sarah, as he promised, and [ful]filled those things, that he spake. 2 And she conceived, and childed a son in her eld (age), in the time wherein God before-said to her. (And she conceived, and bare a son in her old age, at the time which God had spoken of before to her.) 3 And Abraham called the name of his son, whom Sarah childed to him, Isaac. 4 And Abraham circumcised him in the eighth day, as God commanded to him, (And Abraham circumcised him on the eighth day, as God had commanded to him,) 5 when he was of an hundred years; for Isaac was born in this age of the father. (when he was a hundred years old; for this was the age of his father when Isaac was born.) 6 And Sarah said, The Lord hath made laughing to me (The Lord hath made me to laugh), and whoever shall hear (about this) shall laugh with me.
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