Habakkuk 3:1-7 WYC

1 The prayer of Habakkuk, the prophet, for unknowing men. (The prayer of the prophet Habakkuk, for those without knowledge.)
2 Lord, I heard thy praising, and I dreaded; Lord, it is thy work, in the middle of years, quicken thou it. In the middle of years, thou shalt make (thyself) known; when thou shalt be wroth, thou shalt have mind of mercy. (Lord, I have heard of thy deeds, and I am filled with reverence for thee; Lord, it is thy work, in the midst of the years, quicken thou it/do thou it again. In the midst of the years, thou shalt make thyself known; even when thou shalt be angry, thou shalt remember to be merciful.)
3 God shall come from the south, and the holy from the mount of Paran. The glory of him covered heavens, and the earth is full of his praising. (God shall come from Teman, the Holy One from Mount Paran. His glory shall cover the heavens, and the earth shall be full of his praising.)
4 The shining of him shall be as light; (with) horns in the hands of him. There the strength of him was hid, (His shining shall be like the light; with rays coming from his hands. That is where his strength, or his power, is hidden,)
5 death shall go before his face; the devil shall go out before his feet. (death shall go out before him; and the devil shall follow his feet/and the devil shall follow him.)
6 He stood, and meted the earth; he beheld, and unbound folks, and hills of the world were all-broken; the little hills of the world were bowed down, of the ways of his everlastingness. (He shall stand, and shall measure the earth; he shall look, and the nations shall tremble, or shall shake; the mountains of the world shall be altogether broken, and the little hills of the world shall be bowed down, unto his everlasting ways.)
7 For wickedness I saw the tents of Ethiopia, the skins of the land of Midian shall be troubled. (I saw that the tents of Cushan were under wickedness, and that the tent curtains of the lands of Midian were troubled, or trembled.)