The title of this chapter is a prayer of Habakkuk the prophet, composed
after the manner of a psalm of David, and directed to the chief singer,
\\#Hab 3:1,19\\. The occasion of it is expressed, \\#Hab 3:2\\ in which
the prophet declares his concern for the work of the Lord, and the
promotion of the kingdom and interest of Christ; and observes the
various steps that were, or would be, taken for the advancement of it;
for which he prays, and suggests that these would be after the manner
of the Lord's dealing with the people of Israel, and settling them in
the land of Canaan, \\#Hab 3:3-15\\ and there being several things
awful in this account, both with respect to the judgments of God on his
enemies, and the conflicts and trials of his own people, it greatly
affected the mind of the prophet, \\#Hab 3:16\\ and yet, in the view of
the worst, he expresses his strong faith in the Lord, as to better
times and things, that would most assuredly come, \\#Hab 3:17-19\\.