4 For ye against-stood not yet unto blood, fighting against sin.
5 And ye have forgotten the comfort that speaketh to you as to sons, and saith, My son, do not thou despise the teaching of the Lord [saying, My son, do not thou despise the discipline of the Lord], neither be thou made weary, the while thou art chastised of him.
6 For the Lord chastiseth him that he loveth; he beateth every son that he receiveth. [+Forsooth whomever the Lord loveth he chastiseth; forsooth he scourgeth every son whom he receiveth.]
7 Abide ye still in chastising; God proffereth him(self) to you as to sons [+Last ye therefore in discipline; God offereth him to you as to sons]. For what son is it, whom the father chastiseth not?
8 That if ye be out of chastising, whose partners be ye all made [That if ye be out of discipline, of which all be made partners], then ye be adulterers, and not sons.
9 And afterward we had fathers of our flesh, teachers, and we with reverence dreaded them. Whether not much more we shall obey to the Father of spirits, and we shall live?
10 And they [soothly] in time of few days taught us by their will; but this Father teacheth to that thing that is profitable [forsooth this Father to that thing that is profitable], in receiving the hallowing of him.
11 And each chastising in [this] present time seemeth to be not of joy, but of sorrow; but afterward it shall yield fruit of rightwiseness most peaceable to men exercised by it.
12 For which thing raise ye [up] slow hands, and knees unbound,
13 and make ye rightful steps to your feet [and make rightful goings, or steps, to your feet]; that no man halting err, but more be healed.