Isaiah 41:1-6 WYC

1 Isles, be still to me, and folks change strength; nigh they, and then speak they; nigh we together to doom. (Ye islands, be silent before me, and let the people renew their strength; come they, and then speak they; yea, come we together for judgement.)
2 Who raised the just man from the east, and called him to follow himself? He shall give folks in his sight, and he shall wield kings; he shall give (them) as dust to his sword, and as stubble ravished of the wind to his bow. (Who raised up the just one from the east, and made him to triumph wherever he went? He shall take hold of the nations before him, and also their kings; he shall make them to be like the dust to his sword, and like stubble blown by the wind to his bow.)
3 He shall pursue them, he shall go in peace; a path shall not appear in his feet. (He shall swiftly pursue them, but he shall be safe; and no path shall be made by his feet.)
4 Who wrought and did these things? calling generations at the beginning (calling the generations from the beginning). (I did, for) I am the Lord; and I am the first, and the last.
5 Isles saw, and dreaded; the last parts of [the] earth were astonied; they came nigh, and nighed. (The islands saw it, and feared, or were afraid; the ends of the earth were astonished; they came together, and came near.)
6 Each man shall help his neighbour, and shall say to his brother, Be thou comforted (Be thou encouraged).