Isaiah 48:3-13 WYC

3 From that time I told (of) the former things, and those went out of my mouth; and I made them known; (then) suddenly I wrought (them), and those things came (to be).
4 For I knew that thou art hard, and thy noll is (like) a sinew of iron, and thy forehead is (like) of brass.
5 I before-said to thee from that time; before that those things came, I showed (them) to thee; lest peradventure thou wouldest say, Mine idols did these things, and my graven images, and my molten images, sent these things, (I told thee before the time; before that those things came, I showed them to thee; lest thou wouldest say, My idols did these things, yea, my carved idols, and my cast idols, have commanded these things to be.)
6 which thou heardest. See thou all things, but ye told not. I made heard new things to thee from that time, and things be kept which thou knowest not; (Thou hast heard, and seen, all these things, but ye have not told them out. I made known to thee new things from that time, and hidden things which thou knewest not before;)
7 now those be made of nought, and not from that time, and before the day, and thou heardest not (of) those things; lest peradventure thou say, Lo! I knew those things. (and those things be made out of nothing, and were not from that time, yea, before today thou heardest not of those things; lest thou now say, Lo! I knew all these things.)
8 Neither thou heardest, neither thou knewest, neither thine ear was opened from that time; for I know, that thou trespassing shalt trespass, and I called thee a trespasser from the womb.
9 For my name I shall make far my strong vengeance, and with my praising I shall refrain (for) thee, lest thou perish. (For the sake of my name I shall make my strong vengeance to go far away, and for the sake of my praises I shall refrain from hurting thee, lest thou perish.)
10 Lo! I have sodden thee, but not as silver; I chose thee in the chimney of poverty. (Lo! I have tested thee, but not like silver; I chose thee in the furnace of affliction.)
11 I shall do for me, that I be not blasphemed (I shall do it for my own sake, so that I be not blasphemed), and I shall not give my glory to another.
12 Jacob and Israel (Jacob, yea, Israel), whom I call(ed), hear thou me; I myself, I am the first, and I am the last.
13 And mine hand founded the earth, and my right hand meted (the) heavens; I shall call them, and they shall stand (up) together (and when I call them, they stand up at once).