Lamentations 5:1-6 WYC

1 Lord, have thou mind what befell to us (Lord, remember what hath happened to us); see thou, and behold our shame.
2 Our heritage is turned to aliens, our houses be turned to strangers. (Our inheritance is turned, or given, over to foreigners, our houses be turned over to strangers.)
3 We be made fatherless children without (a) father; our mothers be as widows (our mothers be like widows).
4 We drank our water for money, we bought our wood for silver. (We must buy our water to drink with money, and we must buy our wood to burn with silver.)
5 We were driven by our heads, and rest was not given to faint men. (The yoke is upon our necks, and rest is not given to the weary.)
6 We gave (the) hand to Egypt, and to Assyrians, that we should be [ful]filled with bread. (We put forth our hands to Egypt, and to Assyria, for food to eat.)