Luke 19:3-13 WYC

3 And he sought to see Jesus, who he was, and he might not, for the people [for the company of people], for he was little in stature.
4 And he ran before, and ascended [up] into a sycamore tree, to see him; for he was to pass from thence [for he was to pass thence].
5 And Jesus beheld up, when he came to the place, and saw him, and said to him, Zacchaeus, haste thee, and come down, for to day I must dwell in thine house.
6 And he hieing came down [And he hasting came down], and joying received him.
7 And when all men saw, they grumbled [they grutched], saying, For he had turned to a sinful man.
8 But Zacchaeus stood, and said to the Lord, Lo! Lord, I give the half of my goods to poor men; and if I have any thing defrauded any man, I yield four so much [I yield fourfold].
9 Jesus saith to him, For to day health is made to this house, for that he is Abraham's son; [Jesus said to him, For in this day health is made to this house, for and he is the son of Abraham;]
10 for man's Son came to seek, and make safe that thing that perished.
11 When they heard these things, he added, and said a parable, for that he was nigh to Jerusalem, and for they guessed, that at once the kingdom of God should be showed [and for they guessed, that the kingdom of God should be showed anon].
12 Therefore he said, A worthy man went into a far country [Some nobleman went into a far country], to take to him a kingdom, and to turn again.
13 And when his ten servants were called, he gave to them ten bezants; and said to them, Chaffer ye [Merchandize ye], till I come.