Proverbs 14:1-8 WYC

1 A wise woman buildeth her house; and an unwise woman shall destroy with hands, that is, with her evil works, an house builded. (A wise woman buildeth up her own house; but an unwise woman shall destroy with her own hands, that is, with her own evil works, the house that she hath built.)
2 A man going in rightful way, and dreading God, is despised of him that goeth in the way of evil fame. (A person who doeth right, and feareth God/and revereth God, is despised by him who goeth in evil ways.)
3 The rod of pride is in the mouth of a fool; the lips of wise men keep them (but the lips of the wise keep them safe).
4 Where oxen be not, the cratch is void (the stall is empty); but where full many corns appear, there the strength of the ox is [made] open.
5 A faithful witness shall not lie; a guileful witness bringeth forth a leasing (a deceitful witness bringeth forth many lies).
6 A scorner seeketh wisdom, and he findeth it not (A mocker seeketh wisdom, but never findeth it); the teaching of prudent men is easy.
7 Go thou against a man a fool; and he shall not know the lips of prudence. (Go thou away from a foolish person; for he shall not speak words of understanding, that is, sensible words.)
8 The wisdom of a fell man is to understand his way; and the unwariness of fools erreth. (The wisdom of a clever person is to understand his own way; but the carelessness of fools maketh them to err.)