Psalm 145:4-14 WYC

4 Generation and generation shall praise thy works; and they shall pronounce, either tell (a)far, thy power. (One generation shall praise thy works unto the next; and they shall declare, or shall tell of, thy power.)
5 They shall speak (of) the magnificence of the glory of thine holiness; and they shall tell (of all) thy marvels (and they shall declare all thy marvellous deeds).
6 And they shall say (of) the strength of thy fearedful things; and they shall tell (of) thy greatness.
7 They shall bring forth the mind of the abundance of thy sweetness; and they shall tell with full out joying (of) thy rightfulness. (They shall bring forth the remembrance of the abundance of thy goodness; and they shall sing with rejoicing about thy righteousness.)
8 The Lord is a merciful doer and merciful in will (The Lord is a giver of mercy, or of love, and merciful in will); patient, and much merciful.
9 The Lord is sweet in all things; and his merciful doings be above all his works. (The Lord is good to all; and his merciful doings be over, or upon, all his creatures.)
10 Lord, all thy works acknowledge to thee; and thy saints bless thee. (Lord, all thy creatures shall praise thee; and thy saints shall bless thee.)
11 They shall say [of] the glory of thy realm; and they shall speak (of) thy power. (They shall speak of the glory of thy kingdom; and they shall tell of thy power.)
12 That they make thy power known to the sons of men (So that they make known thy power to all the people); and the glory of the magnificence of thy realm.
13 Thy realm is the realm of all worlds; and thy lordship is in all generation and into generation (Thy kingdom is a kingdom forever; and thy lordship, or thy rule, is for all generations). The Lord is faithful in all his words; and holy in all his works.
14 The Lord lifteth up all that fall down; and raiseth up all men hurtled down. (The Lord lifteth up all who fall down; and raiseth up all who be hurtled down.)