Matthew 22:18-28 YLT

18 And Jesus having known their wickedness, said, `Why me do ye tempt, hypocrites?
19 show me the tribute-coin?' and they brought to him a denary;
20 and he saith to them, `Whose [is] this image and the inscription?'
21 they say to him, `Caesar's;' then saith he to them, `Render therefore the things of Caesar to Caesar, and the things of God to God;'
22 and having heard they wondered, and having left him they went away.
23 In that day there came near to him Sadducees, who are saying there is not a rising again, and they questioned him, saying,
24 `Teacher, Moses said, If any one may die not having children, his brother shall marry his wife, and shall raise up seed to his brother.
25 `And there were with us seven brothers, and the first having married did die, and not having seed, he left his wife to his brother;
26 in like manner also the second, and the third, unto the seventh,
27 and last of all died also the woman;
28 therefore in the rising again, of which of the seven shall she be wife -- for all had her?'