Proverbs 10:1-10 YLT

1 Proverbs of Solomon. A wise son causeth a father to rejoice, And a foolish son [is] an affliction to his mother.
2 Treasures of wickedness profit not, And righteousness delivereth from death.
3 Jehovah causeth not the soul of the righteous to hunger, And the desire of the wicked He thrusteth away.
4 Poor [is] he who is working -- a slothful hand, And the hand of the diligent maketh rich.
5 Whoso is gathering in summer [is] a wise son, Whoso is sleeping in harvest [is] a son causing shame.
6 Blessings [are] for the head of the righteous, And the mouth of the wicked cover doth violence.
7 The remembrance of the righteous [is] for a blessing, And the name of the wicked doth rot.
8 The wise in heart accepteth commands, And a talkative fool kicketh.
9 Whoso is walking in integrity walketh confidently, And whoso is perverting his ways is known.
10 Whoso is winking the eye giveth grief, And a talkative fool kicketh.