1 Kings 8:12

12 Then Solomon said, “The LORD has said that he would dwell in a dark cloud;

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Then spake Solomon, The LORD said that he would dwell in the thick darkness.
Then Solomon said, "The LORD has said that he would dwell in thick darkness.
Then Solomon prayed, “O LORD, you have said that you would live in a thick cloud of darkness.

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John Gill's Exposition of the Bible
1 Kings 8:12

And then spake Solomon
Perceiving by this symbol that the Lord was come into his house, to take up his dwelling in it, and seeing the priests and people in consternation at it, spake the following words to their comfort:

the Lord said that he would dwell in the thick darkness;
and now was fulfilling his promise, and therefore to be considered not as a token of his displeasure, but of his gracious presence; this was done for the greater awe of the divine Majesty, and to denote the darkness of the former dispensation; reference may be had to ( Leviticus 16:2 ) or rather this was now said by the Lord, that is, it appeared to be his resolution and determination to dwell in this manner; the Targum is,

``the Lord is pleased to cause his Shechinah or divine Majesty to dwell in Jerusalem,''

in the temple there. This was imitated by the Heathens; hence the Lacedemonians had a temple dedicated to Jupiter Scotitas, or the dark, as Pausanias F21 relates; and the Indian Pagans to this day affect darkness in their temples, and are very careful that no light enter into them but by the door, which is commonly strait and low, and by little crevices in the windows F23.


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