Psalms 148:9

9 Mountains and all hills; Fruitful trees and all cedars;

Psalms 148:9 Meaning and Commentary

Psalms 148:9

Mountains, and all hills
Which are originally formed by the Lord, and set fast by his power and strength; these are the highest parts of the earth, and are very ornamental and useful; they include all in them and upon them, the trees and herbage that grow upon them, gold, silver, brass, and iron in them; all very beneficial to mankind, and afford matter of praise to God for them; see ( Isaiah 55:12 ) ;

fruitful trees, and all cedars;
trees bearing fruit are the fig trees, pomegranates, vines, and olives, with which the land of Canaan abounded; and such as bear lemons, oranges, plums, pears, apples, cherries which produce fruit for the use, pleasure, and delight of man, and so a means of praising God: and "cedars", the trees of the Lord which he hath planted; though they bear no fruit, yet very useful in building, and were of great service in the temple at Jerusalem; and which are put for all others of like usefulness, and minister just occasion of praise; see ( Psalms 96:12 ) .

Psalms 148:9 In-Context

7 Praise Jehovah from the earth, Ye sea-monsters, and all deeps.
8 Fire and hail, snow and vapor; Stormy wind, fulfilling his word;
9 Mountains and all hills; Fruitful trees and all cedars;
10 Beasts and all cattle; Creeping things and flying birds;
11 Kings of the earth and all peoples; Princes and all judges of the earth;
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