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Chris Russell

Connecting with God Through Holy Living

On this planet, we certainly will never attain complete holiness, for we are ever warring with our old, sinful nature. But holiness is the target for which we are to direct our actions.

God’s Words or Man’s Words? Understanding the Doctrine of Inspiration

If the Bible is made up of words that have come from God, why are the writings of the 40 different authors of the various books of the Bible distinct in their style, approach, vocabulary, and perspective?

A Parent’s Prayer App

As a parent, you know how it is… sometimes it’s just hard to know what to pray, and we can always use a little help in that area.

Warning: This Book May Change Your Life Forever

Sometimes I forget about how far God has brought me in my Christian journey since I first believed about 28 years ago. But the reality has hit me within the past year as I’ve gotten connected to some old friends through… Facebook!

Could God Love Someone Like Me?

I remember the moment when it dawned on me: “Wow, you mean God loves me this much? I had no idea.” For the first point in my life, I began to get a glimpse of the depth of God’s love for me, and I found that to be truly astonishing.

Who's Running This Place?

Take a moment to think about God’s perspective on this universe. Consider God’s perspective on your problems.

Can I Really Trust the Bible?

One of the most remarkable characteristics of the Bible has to do with prophecies about the future. Have you ever taken time to examine some of the things that were prophesied in the Old Testament and then fulfilled hundreds of years later?

Don't Edit God's Words

The challenging thing for us today is that we live in a culture that continually seems to add to and take away from God’s Word.

How to Have a Half Day of Prayer with God

Many years ago I learned about a spiritual discipline that literally changed my life: a half day of prayer. So, what in the world do I do for 4–5 hours of prayer? What do I say to God?

Rock Star Pastors

Pastors, ministries, churches, etc. that have a rock star mentality are extremely vulnerable to Satan’s attacks, and there is a huge risk of hurting a lot of people who are watching.

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