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Redeeming Marital Realities

Paul Tripp discusses the importance of "little moment" Christianity. He speaks to married couples of all ages about what Jesus Christ has to do with the common problems that everyone faces in marriage. Marriage is described as one flawed person married to another flawed person living in a fallen world---but with a faithful God. The honesty of the Bible doesn't negate the hope that is found in Christ and a Christ-centered view of marriage.

How Can I Find A Good Church?

Pastor John Crotts offers practical advice on the often difficult question of how to find a good, local church. John wrote the book, “Loving the Church,” to help people see how glorious God's family really is, and also to see the countless ways that people and families can flourish within it.

What Does the Bible Teach about Finding Purpose in Life?

It's a question asked by everyone from teenagers through senior adults. Philip Nation digs through scripture to uncover the truths of Transformation and Knowing God/Making Him Known that are part of God's life plan for everyone. For more info visit

Does the Tithe Apply to Christians Today?

What is a tithe, and is it required for the New Testament believer? Colin Smith answers. For more information about Colin Smith, visit: and For more answers to questions about Christianity, visit

Can a Christian Practice Yoga?

Can a Christian practice yoga to the glory of God? David Powlison answers. For more information about David Powlison, visit:

For more information about Christianity, visit:

What is a Covenant? Why is it Important Today?

Kay Arthur teaches us about the meaning of covenants and why this Old Testament concept remains of vital importance to our understanding of Christianity today. For more information about Kay Arthur. visit: For answers to more questions about Christianity, visit:

What Was God Doing before He Created the Universe?

We ask Scotty Smith to tackle the age-old question of what was going on before "In the beginning, God created the heavens and the earth." For more information about Scotty Smith, visit: For more information about Christianity, visit: Photo Credit: Getty Images/Richo Fan©

Is it Possible to Lose Salvation?

For more information about Brian Hedges, visit:

For more information about Christianity, visit:

Popular Misconceptions about Hell

We ask Michael Horton to explain the biblical view of Hell, and some misconceptions about it from both today and church history. For more information about Michael Horton, visit: For more information about Christianity, visit:

Why Must Marriage Be Defined as Being Only between a Man and Woman?

Does the Bible really only define marriage one way? Mary Kassian examines God's reasons for establishing the marital relationship as one man with one woman. For more information about Mary Kassian, visit: For more information about Christianity, visit:

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