Mark Altrogge

8 Questions to Help Guard Your Heart

We must pay attention to what is going into and coming out of our hearts. We must watch what we’re thinking. Here are eight questions we can ask ourselves to see how we are keeping our hearts.

10 Ways to Overcome Spiritual Weariness

When we’re weary we can find fresh strength, joy and motivation in Christ. Here are 10 ways to do that.

How to Make a Real Impact in the Lives of Others

All our gifts are gifts of the Spirit—they’re spiritual gifts. Even gifts that seem to be natural or “unspiritual.” God gives us gifts to serve others. They’re not for ourselves.

27 Reasons Why Every Believer in Jesus Should Rejoice Always

There is no way we can begin to number the blessings God has heaped upon those who believe in his Son, but here are a few spiritual blessings we should regularly recall, thank God for, and rejoice in.

5 Reasons to Take Strong Courage Today

On some point in our lives, we all need to hear God say, “Take courage.” Here are a few reasons we can.

7 Benefits of Going Through Hard Times

Everything God does in our lives is for our benefit, including suffering. Though they never seem pleasant at the time, hard times produce wonderful benefits in our lives.

What Does it Mean to Fear God?

In what sense are we to fear God? The “fear” that brings God pleasure is not our being afraid of him, but our having a high and exalted, reverential view of him.

5 Things Forgiveness Doesn’t Mean

Forgiving others is clearly commanded by God, and deep down most believers want to, but it isn’t always easy, and lots of questions arise. So, here are five things that forgiveness doesn’t mean.

12 Things to Thank God for in the Midst of Affliction

Giving thanks helps us focus on God in our affliction, steers us away from complaining, strengthens our faith, and brings glory to Jesus. There are many things we can give thanks for when we suffer, but here are 12 that I try to remember.

The Glorious, Life Altering Difference Between Grace and Mercy

What exactly is the difference between grace and mercy? And why does it even matter? Can’t we just use them interchangeably? Nope. If we do, we miss out on some glorious truths.

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