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Melissa Henderson

Melissa HendersonAward-winning author Melissa Henderson writes inspirational messages sometimes laced with a bit of humor. With stories in books, magazines, devotionals, and more, Melissa hopes to encourage readers. 

Melissa is the author of Licky the Lizard and Grumpy the Gator. Her passions are helping in the community and church. Melissa is an Elder, Deacon, and Stephen Minister. 

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Are Cherubs in the Bible?

Are cherubs in the Bible, or just an image that appeared in Christian legends and artwork after the fact? Here's what the Bible says about this particular kind of angel.

What Are the Sacraments of Christianity?

The sacraments of Christianity provide not only an opportunity to confess our faith, but also to draw closer to God.

What Qualifies Someone to Be a Church Elder?

Most churches have elders of some kind, but what qualifies someone for that task?

What Does the Bible Say about Herod Agrippa?

Herod Agrippa's family play an important part in several New Testament events, and his own story shows some shocking miracles and lessons about why we must give God the praise he deserves.

60 Prayers for a Test

When we speak, write, or think about a prayer for a test, the door is opened for God to enter and bring comfort.

What Do We Know about Asher in the Bible?

What do we know about Asher in the Bible? Was he tall or short, plump or skinny? Was he gifted with creativity or hospitality? Scripture shares a small bit of information about Asher. Yet, Asher was an important part of God’s plan.

What Do Christians Mean When They Say ‘I Believe in God the Father’?

When we accept Jesus as our Savior and ask God to come into our life, we are acknowledging that there is only one true God. When we speak or write the words ‘I believe in God the Father’ we are showing our love for God and sharing His love with others.

Is Abundant Life in the Bible Different Than Eternal Life?

That abundant life Jesus promised is one filled with meaning, purpose, joy, and strength for the spirit, soul, and the body. 

What Does Biblical ‘Love in Action’ Look Like?

Reading Scripture can show us how love in action was shown in the Bible. One of the most profound and special ways love was shown is when God gave His only Son so that we would not perish but have everlasting life.

What Does the Bible Say about Laughter, and Is it Truly the Best Medicine?

“What does the Bible say about laughter?” Scripture shares about the lives of many people and their joys and trials. We are called to share the love of God with others. 

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