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4th of July Tribute

A nice reminder of our words of affirmation, gratitude and pride for the blessed country we live in.

Nine-Year-Old Recaps The Entire Bible

This young boy delivers a fantastic recap of the entire Bible from memory... and doesn't skip a beat! Such wisdom and insight from such a young person is truly admirable and a blessing to those who see this video.

The Story of Easter Told Through Social Networking

It's hard to envision the world without social media outlets like Facebook and Twitter--platforms that allow us to share information, memories and continue relationships like never before in history. Imagine if social networking existed around 33 A.D.--the most pivotal moment of history. This video illustrates how Christ's death and resurrection might have been perceived had social networks existed during this defining moment of our faith. To celebrate Easter 2012 and the Risen King, share this video on Facebook or Twitter!

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